The Sciandra workshop opened in Rome in the late nineties, when the Sciandra sisters laid the foundations of their goldsmith and jewelery business.

The Lab was born as a space for the design and creation of handcrafted jewels where precious ideas take shape.

Each creation is treated with care, from the design of the design and the study of the shapes, up to the realization, performed with traditional goldsmith techniques.

Over the years, aesthetic research and curiosity in experimentation have led the Sciandra laboratory to the production of its own lines.

The Sciandra jewelry collections, which appear so different from each other, express the pleasure of experimenting, of playing with ideas and taste.

In the Sciandra production, essential shapes are combined with exuberant lines, rich in color.

In aesthetic research great importance is given to the choice of materials, from a great passion for the world of minerals comes the selection of uncommon precious stones to be used in their handcrafted creations.